Behind the Scenes

My day job as a mental health therapist makes living in the moment an ever present goal for myself and a skill which I aim teach clients for their own benefit. While most know staying in the moment is a challenging task and easily disrupted by “life”, I see photography as my favorite tool for striving toward this everyday. I love capturing beauty, personality and relationships in images because they serve to keep us grounded and smiling. Focused on here and now rather than then and when.

Creativity has been a part of me forever though I often struggled to find the best outlet. Art classes in oil paint, watercolor and figure drawing left me feeling frustrated in the end because I could not illustrate my thoughts and feelings in the way I intended. Photography has been my answer.

I have been interested in photography for most of my life. My father was a photographer throughout my life so it was always around me. I was trained on standard SLRs but abandoned those when the presence and ease of digital cameras became unavoidable. In recent years I have revisited my roots with the use of digital and am always learning and expanding.

I do not want to pin myself to one type of photography so here are some examples of the type of subject matter you may see in the images I post on this site and which I am available to shoot for others: kids and babies <3, families of all kinds, portraits, pets, landscapes, architecture, nature in general, street photography and still life.




5.2 photo shoot-31



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