New Favorite Action

“The Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond is the Jackie of all trades. She has some seriously amazing recipes, gardening tips, DIY tips and on and on. I think she’s even a children’s book author! Last but not least, she is a great photographer and has some pretty neat and FREE photoshop actions on her site. I am enamored with two at the moment but today am profiling one called “B&W Beauty” which is include in her Pioneer Woman Action Set 1 – UPDATED March 3, 2010  This black and white action is the best i’ve found yet. I absolutely love the smoothness is adds to my photos and I think it has the ability to turn and “pretty good” color shot into a stunner. It’s not a magic wand or anything; if a photo has poor light, contrast or composition then it is what it is. Below are some examples of it on my shots but I recommend you try it for yourself.

P.S. My other favorite is the “Seventies” action which is included in the Pioneer Woman Action Set 2. It is to die for on some shots!




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